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The following contains listed articles that people can view so that they know what the Global Ischemia Foundation has already researched and to provide a point of reference as to the Foundation's knowledge of some of the recent research and trials. More articles can be found here. Please feel free to email us any articles, news, information, that you think is relevant.

Organizations & Support Groups
Anoxic Injury Support Group
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
McKnight Brain Institute

Stem Cell Overview and Recent Advances
This information focuses on what stem cells are, the different types, and also on the advances made in research on stem cells particularly dealing with the brain.

Daily Stem Cell Updates Stemcell Network's site with many news articles and links
Good Overview on the types of stem cells and various issues
BBC Article on Stem Cells- A Basic Overview of What Stem Cells can do
Recent Stem Cell News
Scientist Create Neurons in the Lab
Harvard's (Dr. Snyder) Research thru 1999
Harvard's current research
Video from Harvard on research
Nature Articleembryonic and adult stem cells

Using neural stem cells to repair the brain
Clinical trial to test stem cell approach for children with brain injury

Brain Injury/Anoxic Brain
Anoxia Support Group and Registry for StudiesUnder Construction
Basics of Hypoxic-Anoxic Brain Injury
Injury-induced neurogenesis in the adult mammalian brain
Enzymes Promote Healing?
Grafting neural stem cells improved the impaired spatial recognition in ischemic rats
Brain Injury: Severity Levels and the Recovery Process
Coma Recovery Association, Including Explaining coma arousal therapy
American Brain Injury Foundation?s Resource Site
Brain Injury Society
Academic Jounal Abstracts on Stimulation Ideas
Video on Stimulation-Shows hospital going to bat for the patient
Median Nerve StimulatorPilot Study Shows some positive benefits
Right Median Nerve Stimulator
Effect of Median Nerve Stimulator on Cerebellum
Kelly Masterson's story Patient awakened from coma by median nerve stimulator
Recent MNS Study found improvements in exit time from coma and eventual outcome
Median Nerve Stimulator Video clip
New study on right median nerve stimulation
Electrical Stimulation May be helpful in hypoxic-ischemic patients soon after injury

Protein's and Growth Factor
NERVE GROWTH FACTOR (NGF) started in 1953 when researchers isolated a protein which appears to help salvage ailing neurons and , perhaps, provoke new neuron formation as well. In 1999, researchers in San Diego Genetically modified certain connective-tissue cells, known as fibroblasts, to make and secrete NGF. They then grafted these cells into subcortical regions of the brains of aging, memory-deficient monkeys with a documented loss of functioning neurons. Results show a reversal in both the memory decline and neural loss. Also VGF, FGF-2, HB-EGF, GDNF, and bFGF have shown promise in neurogenesis (development of new brain cells).
Protein Cocktail allows stem grafts to become neurons
FGF-2 Single dose
GDNF - research to try and get it across the blood brain barrier
VEGF crucial in brain repair Sonic the HedgehogProtein triples rate of neurons

Brain Plasticity Studies
New Human Nerve Cells
Nice Overview site
Magnets and Brain Brain Repair Yourself

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