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My soul-mate Kathleen Davey had a cardiac arrest on Sat. morning, January 24, 2004 around 10 a.m. after doing pull-ups in the garage. Samantha, our heroic 6 -year-old daughter, alertly called 911 and Kathleen was rushed to the hospital. After being told that she would certainly die, Kathleen began to claw her way back. After that time she made incremental gains on what was bound to be a long and arduous road. Eventually Kathleen lost her battle to recover from her traumatic event, but the Global Ischemia Foundation was founded to help spur the research to help others succeed. (http://getwellkathleen.us/ ). Kathleen was a wonderful wife, a friend, and a great mommy and would support these efforts.

Kathleen and others like her deserve research time and money to be spent on finding a cure. The relative lack of numbers (approximately 20,000-60,000) in the United States has led to a relative lack of research on this topic which only increased funding can facilitate. As the number of people “rescued” from near drowning and cardiac arrests increases, it is imperative to accelerate research on paths to help such people.

- Mike Davey

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